Over the course of 18 months we've asked 379 fashion lovers around the globe
this simple question — and shaped a beautiful product based on their wish list:

What does the perfect white T-Shirt
look like for you?

Soft like a Feather

Ultra-fine yarns of a new invented fabric called Micromodal make our shirts feel like skin on skin. This beech wood material guarantees a sleek and lightweight fit.

Slim fit Style

An expertly crafted slim fit style makes our shirt a well-fitted, natural skin hugger. Your versatile friend will serve you as an undershirt or outerwear. Suit yourself!

Luxurious Fabric

A European made premium lightweight blend of Combed Cotton and Micromodal gives our shirts the soft and gentle feel you've always been craving for.

12 Sizes Available!

Don't ask Us — ask Others

Even though we are just starting out, we already have a cheering base of early adopters who fell in love with our shirts from the get go. Listen what they have to say.

For each standard size we are offering a long version counterpart so that your shirts will never be too short again. Go ahead and find your perfect size.