03/2017 — "Zwei Modemacher aus Freiburg und Merdingen glauben, das ultimative weiße T-Shirt entworfen zu haben. Sie vermarkten es unter ihrem eigenen Modelabel Whytes." (read on)

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09/2016 — "Co-created by 400 Fashion-Bloggers, this European premium lightweight blend of Combed Cotton and Micromodal by "whytes" feels like skin-on-skin. With its perfect fineness ..." (read on)

08/2016 — "Whytes is a brand that is dedicated to reinvent the classic white T-Shirt for fashionable men. We did an interview with the two Founders Nadia and Thomas to find out how they ..." (read on)

04/2016 — "They speak about 20 different shades of white, high-class cotton and coolness: Thomas Escher and Nadia Botzenhard promote their young fashion brand whytes ..." (read on)

02/2016 — In their February 2016 issue, German Playboy introduces the concept of whytes.co and the perfect white T-Shirt: "The German Start-up "whytes" talked to 400 Fashion Experts ..." (read on)

11/2015 — "When it comes to fashion basics, men are pretty much doomed. Damned to wear unfitting, bulky and cheap rags called T-shirts. "whytes" is eager to change exactly that – once and for all." (read on)

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09/2016 — "Gemeinsam mit rund 400 Modeexperten aus der ganzen Welt haben Nadia Botzenhard und Thomas Escher vom Münchner Start-up "whytes" das perfekte weiße T-Shirt entwickelt ..." (read on)

08/2016 — "The perfect white: 379 fashion experts were asked by the fashion-start-up "whytes", how the perfect white T-Shirt has to look like. Based on their answers, they've developed a Shirt ..." (read on)

07/2016 — ""For Thomas Escher, Co-Founder of Whytes, establishing a start-up business is all about building trust. Escher believes that the one-product-only formula is the right way to start ..." (read on)

04/2016 — "It's so simple but rather essential: the white T-Shirt. To improve and make it better has been the mission of Designer Nadia Botzenhard and Thomas Escher since August 2015 ..." (read on)

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