"The Cut sets whytes Apart from Others"

A very detailed review from Ryan Mules, a fellow Fashion Expert from England. The following piece is a re-post from Ryan's blog and first appeared there in November of 2015.

The age old conundrum that has baffled men for years may have been solved by the guys from whytes who have put in some extensive research on finding the perfect plain, white t shirt. Their findings came to show that there was no such thing as a slim fit, well sewn, white t shirt. So, what do you do when the thing you whole heartedly need doesn't exist? You make it yourself of course! Between Thomas & Nadia (who are the brains behind the brand), there's years of experience in thefashion industry in the city of New York which obviously came in handy when it came to sourcing quality fabrics and cuts.

After going through a mighty 22 different fabrics, the guys found their perfect match with a lightweight, premium blend of combed cotton and micromodal from Europe. Micromodal is a new fibre made from beech wood and spun into ultra-fine yarns to give the t shirts a perfect fineness and a super soft feeling. The material is so soft and light it acts almost like a second skin. This luxurious blend is a lot more absorbent than regular materials which ensures minimal shrinkage and decreases the chance of the t shirt stretching.

Photo Credit:  Ryan Mules

Photo Credit: Ryan Mules

The beauty with white t shirts are of course their versatility. They can be worn as a stand alone shirt or under a regular flannel shirt or as I have chosen, with a bomber jacket. The cherry on top of my whole experience with whytes was definitely the intricacies and detailing of my care package that was so kindly sent to me. My t shirt came wonderfully wrapped in tissue and encased in a lovely little presentation box. With signature branding on the front and relevant quotations on the inside, my whole whytes experience has been a pleasure and I wish Thomas & Nadia all the best in their quest to change the mindset of males who are content with wearing unfitting, bulky and rotten t shirts.