"This is how online Start-ups are finding their Niche" — by Sportswear International

"For Thomas Escher, Co-Founder of Whytes, it’s all about building trust. Escher believes that the one-product-only formula is the right way to start as a young brand, while recalling fashion institutions such as Burberry and Chanel are still being recognized for their break-through product." Feature Story of whytes by Sportswear International

Photo Credit: whytes.co

Lorenzo Molina of renowned fashion magazine "Sportswear International" did a feature story on how young fashion start-ups are finding their niches — and quoted our Co-Founder Thomas on the topic. Please access the full-blown story here and find the most shareable quotes of Thomas below.

Our Co-Founder Thomas Escher on how important it is for young brands to built trust within their communities and how to gain on it down the road:

“When your product is good and you have the right influencers ruling for you, you are already building trust within your main target group. Today, a snapshot shared by the right people on Instagram may give you more coverage and credibility than any kind of old-school advertising ever could.”

“Once you gained trust for your first product, you just paved yourself the way for any kind of brand extension that might make sense in your market.”

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